Renewable Portfolio Standard

Oppose HB 114

Ohio’s solar advocates came together last year to prevent HB 554 from extending the freeze on the Renewable Portfolio Standard.  We must stay vigilant. On March 30, the Ohio House passed an even worse bill. This version contains additional attacks on efficiency standards. HB 114 is another attempt to prevent Ohio from moving forward on it’s energy portfolio and the jobs that come with it. Twenty-eight other states have requirements that a portion of their power portfolio come from clean and reliable renewable energy. Ohio remains the only state to move backwards on a Renewable Portfolio Standard. Many other states including Michigan are moving forward with increased standards while we debate having them at all.

Last year more than 100 energy advocates, including a dozen OH SUN members, testified in both chamber committees against HB 554. Ultimately enough members of the Senate opposed the bill to prevent an override of the governor’s veto. Please, stand with us again by telling your state senator that Ohioans demand we participate in the emerging economy as we transition our nation to renewable energy. Urge the Ohio Senate to oppose HB 114 and other bills that seek to take Ohio backwards. Ohioans are demanding we move forward.

The RPS is an important market tool that helps more homeowners go solar by allowing them to be part of the solution in Ohio’s transition to clean power. Please fill out the form below to urge your senator to oppose HB 144. If you are having difficulty using the form in your browser, click here for another version.